Evelyn Piechoczek (BSc Hons)


Living in Asia for a number of years introduced me to the Asian way of life and thinking. It gave me direct experience of the practice of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, together with the benefits that go with them. This is what I have applied to my practice.


I qualified as an acupuncturist at the International College of Oriental Medicine in East Grinstead http://www.orientalmed.ac.uk/ . This four year, full time BSc course included the study of Eastern and Western disciplines. I have set up my own practice, Acuhelp, treating a wide variety of physical and emotional issues. My interest in the field of hormones led me to study with many internationally acclaimed practitioners and to work extensively with couples trying to conceive. My interests extend to the field of fertility, IVF, hormone related issues and menopause.


As a massage therapist, I am trained in the principles of Swedish massage and deep tissue release. I integrate different techniques to form the basis of my unique blend of holistic medical massage releasing tension and easing pain.


As a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) I am bound to their guidelines, code of ethics and covered by their professional indemnity insurance.


Before I became an acupuncturist I taught in Europe and Asia and have degrees in Biology and English.

I established my treatment rooms in Tunbridge Wells to offer a tranquil setting to receive acupuncture in a relaxed environment.



Evelyn Piechoczek


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