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People come to acupuncture with a wide variety of symptoms or specific acute or chronic pain like osteoarthris of the knee. Many people use acupuncture with the aim of maintaining their health and regain wellbeing.

Evidence that Acupuncture can help with the following conditions:

Tension-type headaches and migraine

In September 2012 NICE recommended that acupuncture is proven to treat tension-type headaches and migraine. Information released by NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) reported medication overuse is one of the most common causes of headaches affecting about one in fifty people. Women are five times more likely to suffer from these. NICE conclude that acupuncture is the only proven method to prevent tension-type headaches and migraine and that doctors should prescribe it. Read the guidance here .

Chronic pain

An analysis of patient data from 29 randomised controlled trials suggests that acupuncture may be better than no acupuncture or sham acupuncture for the treatment of some chronic pain, according to a report published by Archives of Internal Medicine, a JAMA Network publication. The BAcC has been promoting this research via its PR agency and a brief will be provided on the PR pages of the autumn issue of The Acupuncturist, together with a full report in the research section. A summary of the study can be found here


Lower Back Pain

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) also recommended in 2009 that acupuncture should be part of treatments available on the NHS for the alleviation of lower back pain.

Menopause Symptoms

A recent study published in Acupuncture in Medicine suggests that acupuncture can help with symptoms of the menopause.


The British Acupuncture Council has factsheets  and research papers  which provide accurate and unbiased information on how acupuncture may help.


The World Health Organisation provides valuable reviews on clinical trials into the efficacy of acupuncture for a variety of health disorders.


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