How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture points are located along meridians, which form a network of ‘energetic pathways’ throughout the body. Stimulating these points removes blockages and enables the even flow of energy (Qi). The points chosen for treatment will depend upon your current condition and will aim to re-establish balance and harmony. The points used in treatment can be located in a different part of the body - e.g. headaches may be treated using points on the foot or leg.


What happens during treatment

First, we assess:

  • Your general health
  • Current symptoms
  • Medical history
  • Diet, sleeping patterns and digestion
  • Emotional state


Please bring a list of the medications you take.

    After the assessment you will be asked to undress down to your underwear or alternatively wear loose fitting clothing. Acupuncture points are located all over your body. After tongue and pulse diagnosis, fine sterile disposable needles are used to rebalance your energy flow. As you relax, energy travels along the meridians to promote the self-healing of the body, a process that continues over the following days/weeks.


    How many treatments do I need?

    Acupuncture begins to take effect from the very first treatment and continues over the following weeks. Acute symptoms may require a follow up within a week, but three to four weeks is more usual. The number of treatments is influenced by how long you have had a condition. Traditionally, four treatments per year are used to prevent illness.

    What do I feel during acupuncture?

    Acupuncture needles are much finer than needles that may be familiar to you. Insertion is virtually painless, with an occasional tingling sensation.

    During the treatment patients typically experience a feeling of relaxation and calm.


    How to book, and how much does it co

    If you wish to book an appointment, please contact me and we can arrange our first meeting at my treatment rooms in Tunbridge Wells.

    If you simply require advice about whether acupuncture is the right treatment for you, then please contact me , and we can discuss it.


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