Concentration problems Testimonial

"I’d been feeling really muzzy-headed for months, like I couldn’t really concentrate, and had that feeling you sometimes get where you’re looking at the TV and you know that you know someone’s name but you just can’t bring it to mind. I thought it might be age but at 45 I’m not that old! Sometimes the muzziness was nearly a headache, but not quite. My poor doctor didn’t know quite what to make of it because the tests I’d had all turned out normal, so that knocked thyroid on the head, which is what she and I both wondered.

I decided to try acupuncture after reading a magazine and was impressed with the thorough case history the practitioner took, and the fact that she checked what my medical history had been and whether I’d seen my doctor. As we went through all the details I recognised that some of the things I’d taken for normal, like going quite often and being a bit looser than usual, and bruising quite easily, all made sense to her in the Chinese medicine theories she went on about. She bet me my tongue was a bit swollen, and it was – I’d been feeling a bit tongue-tied of late, like I was really
tired all the time when I spoke and the words didn’t quite sound as precise.

The long and short of it was that I had a course of five treatments and felt a lot clearer. She also gave me advice on what foods were better for me, and the timing of when I eat my meals, and I have to say I’ve felt much better altogether. She also made sure I reported back to my doctor what we had discussed about my tummy and my bruising. As she said, she was fairly sure that these were fully explained within her system of medicine, but she wanted to make sure that my doctor was fully in the picture."

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