Bad Menstrual Period Symptoms Case Study

Gill came in to see me after a period of getting steadily worse cramps and lower body discomfort around the time of her period, together with much greater irritability and a craving for chocolate which she hardly looked at the rest of the time. Her symptoms seemed to stop as soon as her period started. She had seen her doctor who had reassured her that there was nothing seriously wrong, and recommended a course of tablets which she did not really want to take, preferring to try something which was not drug-driven.

It was very clear from the signs and observations which we use in Chinese medicine, taking the pulse at the wrist and looking at the tongue as well as many other observations, that the energy of her Liver energy, as understood in Chinese terms, was stagnant and blocked. This often leads to some acid indigestion in the patterns of diagnosis commonly in use and a few supplementary questions soon elicited that this was the case, as well as the feeling of something stuck in the top of the throat which people also frequently report.

Using simple treatment strategies I was able to improve the flow of her energies, and she reported that she felt much better over the next few months. Although she still felt a slight tendency to ‘edginess’, she also felt that sense of being ‘better in myself’ which patients often report.

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