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Founded by acupuncturist Evelyn Piechoczek (BSc Hons), Acuhelp Acupuncture Clinic uses the principles of Chinese acupuncture and is based in Tunbridge Wells. Acupuncture has not only gained in popularity in the West it is now also accepted worldwide. Its holistic approach balances the whole person and can be effective for a wide variety of conditions. Acuhelp has tranquil treatment rooms and easy parking.

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Acupuncture treatments aim to re-balance the body to maintain and regain health. It strengthens the healing powers of your body.


Whether you seek support through acupuncture for fertility, IVF or acupuncture for pregnancy Evelyn offers a holistic approach in a caring and relaxing setting.


My unique blend of Eastern and Western massage eases tension and pain, calms and relaxes your body and mind.


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Acupuncture in the news


Study shows acupuncture may reduce frequency of migraine attacks

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Acupuncture Outperforms Drugs For Infertility, Promotes Pregnancy

Researchers find acupuncture combined with clomiphene more effective than clomiphene plus supplementary hormonal pharmaceuticals for the treatment of infertility.

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How acupuncture can help you

There are many reasons why people now seek acupuncture treatment. People suffering from named conditions like lower back pain use acupuncture alongside their conventional medical treatment. Others present with the sorts of symptoms which most healthcare professionals, conventional and complementary, come across and for which they are usually already receiving conventional medical care, such as:


  • aches and pains in the body and limbs
  • muscle strains
  • digestive problems like bloating or poor appetite
  • feelings of muzziness in the head, etc

Once we have established that there is nothing requiring urgent medical attention, if they have referred themselves directly, our task then is to make sense of symptoms such as these within the framework of Chinese medicine.


Do you suffer with uncomfortable periods and cravings?

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Do you suffer from concentration problems or feelings of being "muzzy-headed"?

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Evelyn Piechoczek


"Living in Asian countries showed me the Asian way of life. It gave me direct experience of the practice of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, together with the benefits that go with them."

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